Snowboard group courses Pontresina

Blue + Red Snowboard League-Classes

Beginners and advanced courses for children and adolescents in the ski area of the Upper Engadine.


From 6 years on


Blue League: 09.30–12.30
Red League: 10.00–13.00

Meeting point

Blue League: 09.25, Kids Skiworld Languard
Red League: 09.15 at post office Pontresina > Transfer to ski area, back at ski school office at 13.10

Break snack

Parents give their children a small break time snack.


Min. 3 participants per League.
23.12.2021 – 24.12.2021 / 25.12.2021 – 26.12.2021, 2-days courses
27.12.2021 – 29.12.2021, 3-days course
30.12.2021 – 31.12.2021, 2-days course
03.01.2022 – 05.01.2022, 3-days course
31.01.2022 – 09.03.2022, from Monday to Wednesday, 3-days courses
Book directly at our ski school location in Surlej the courses from:
14.03.2022 – 13.04.2022, Mondays to Wednesdays, 3-days courses (from 4 persons per class)
15.04.2022 – 16.04.2022, 2-days course (Easter)
Parents will bingen/bring children to/from Surlej.

Learning objectives

Blue Prince/Princess (beginner)
n the practise area: getting used to the snowboard, gliding, skidding, stopping, first turns,practicing using the t-bar.

Blue King/Queen + Star (precondition Blue Prince)
on blue slope: skidded turns, safe use of t-bar, switch (backwards), wheeling, first tricks.

Red Prince/Princess, Red King/ Queen + Star (advanced)
on red slope: safe turns, safe switch, carved turns, short turns, various tricks.

Swiss Snow Academy Card (expert), only bookable as private lessons
on red/black slope, in the park: various turns, jumps and tricks on all terrain etc.