About us

The Company

The licensed 'Swiss Ski School' in: Pontresina | Silvaplana-Surlej | Sils Maria | Maloja
Founded in 1930 as the Swiss Ski School Corvatsch Silvaplana, in 1935 as the Swiss Ski School Sils i.E., in 1932 as the Swiss Ski School Pontresina with the Cross Country Ski School Pontresina founded in 1974.
The Swiss Ski School Corvatsch-Pontresina AG was founded in 2019 by the merger of the Swiss Ski School Corvatsch AG with the locations Silvaplana/Sils/Maloja, and the Pontresina Sports AG with the Ski School Pontresina and the Swiss Cross Country and Bike Center Pontresina.
Employees: 160 in winter season, 3-4 in summer season
Awards: In 2012, the Swiss Ski School Association awarded our 'Languard-Pontresina Children's Ski World' the Innovation Prize.

Company philosophy

We want to be a successful tourism company. With our know-how, our reliability and innovative strength we stand for highest quality in snow and bike sports in the areas of instruction, support, experience, events and merchandise trading/rental articles. The permanent training and further education of our employees is one of the essential components of our success. The Swiss Ski School Corvatsch-Pontresina teaches according to the Swiss Snow League and is a member of Swiss Snowsports (Swiss Ski School Association) and the Association of Swiss Cross Country Schools.

Services and offers

  • We have been offering commercial snow sports lessons in Pontresina, Silvaplana-Surlej, Sils Maria and Maloja for 90 years.
  • Ski, snowboard and cross-country skiing lessons in private and group courses, snowshoe tours, at the start of the season ski packages at Corvatsch, various cross-country skiing packages in Pontresina.
  • Lunch for ski school children in various restaurants.
  • Group lessons are held for ski and snowboard classes from Pontresina in the skiing areas Languard-Pontresina and the Upper Engadine skiing areas. Classes from Silvaplana, Sils and Maloja are on the way in the ski area Corvatsch from Surlej, Sils Maria and Maloja. We accompany private guests to all Upper Engadine skiing areas.
  • Swiss cross-country skiing and bike centre Pontresina with cross-country skiing school and LL sports shop with rental and sales in winter. Rent a Bike rental station and bike accessories in summer.
  • Events and activities in snow sports, e.g. guest ski races, sledge races, children's cinema, etc.


Stephan Müller, CEO Schweizer Skischule Corvatsch-Pontresina AG
Daniel Gini,  Head of cross-country skiing school Pontresina
Urs Kunz, Head of shop Schweizer Swiss Cross-Country Skiing Centre Pontresina / Head of Rent a Bike Station Pontresina
Janine Lehmann, Head of ski school Pontresina
Simone Mercuri,  Head of ski school Silvaplana-Surlej
Adrian Rindlisbacher, Head of Rent a Bike Station Pontresina
Martina Salis, Head of Administration